Aneesh Aneesh
Associate Professor, Sociology and Global Studies
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Research: Professor Aneesh is the author of Virtual Migration: the Programming of Globalization (Duke University Press, 2006). His scholarship intersects a plurality of research realms: globalization, migration, science and technology. Currently he is working on a project on citizenship.

Michael Basseler
Professor of American Studies
University of Giessen, Germany
Research: Professor Basseler is the author of Kulturelle Erinnerung und Trauma im zeitgenössischen afroamerikanischen Roman. Theoretische Grundlegung, Ausprägungsformen, Entwicklungstendenzen (Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2008). His research focuses on African-American studies, 20th and 21st-century fiction, genre theory and history, literature and knowledge, and cultural memory.

Ingo Berensmeyer
Professor of English and American Literature
University of Giessen, Germany
Research: Professor Berensmeyer is the author of John Banville: Fictions of Order. Authority, Authorship, Authenticity(Heidelberg, 2000) and ‘Angles of Contingency’: Literarishe Kultur im England des 17. Jahrhunderts (Tübingen, 2007). His research centers on English Renaissance and Restoration, literary history and/as media history, modern and postmodern fiction, literary theory, and cultural mobility studies.

Vilashini Coopan
Associate Professor of Literature
University of California, Santa Cruz
Research: Professor Coopan is the author of Worlds Within: National Narratives and Global Connections in Postcolonial Writing (Stanford University Press, 2009). Her research interests include postcolonial studies, comparative and world literature; literatures of slavery and diaspora, globalization studies, cultural theory of race and ethnicity.

Rachel Cypher
PhD Candidate, Anthropology
University of California, Santa Cruz
Project: Belonging in the Pampas: Haunted Landscapes, Indigenous Exclusion, and Ecological Imperialism in Argentina

Kennan Ferguson
Associate Professor, Political Science
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Research: Professor Ferguson teaches political theory, and is the author of three books: The Politics of Judgment: Aesthetics, Identity, and Political Theory (Lexington Books, 1999, 2007); William James: Politics in the Pluriverse (Rowman & Littlefield, 2007) and All in the Family: On Community and Incommensurability (Duke, 2012).

Lara Ghisleni
PhD Candidate, Anthropology
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Project: Landscape and Mobility in Late Iron Age and Early Roman Southern England 

Melinda Hinkson
Australian Research Council Future Fellow
Australian National University
Research: Dr. Hinkson is a social anthropologist with wide ranging interests in visual culture and the author of Remembering the Future: Warlpiri Life Through the Prism of Drawing (Aboriginal Studies Press, 2014). From mid-2014, she is embarking on a fellowship on the theme Place and displacement in Aboriginal Australia: A Warlpiri Visual Cultural Enquiry.

Annemarie McLaren
PhD Candidate, History
Australian National University
Project:When the Strangers Came to Stay: Re-imagining Cross-Cultural Negotiations in Sydney’s Western Hinterland, 1788 to 1838.

Eva-Maria Müller
PhD Candidate, English Literature and Culture
University of Giessen, Germany
Project: Empor! Empire! Emporiums! Settling and Selling Mountains in Contemporary Literature of the Canadian Rockies and the Austrian Alps

Ashkan Rezvani Naraghi
PhD Candidate, Urban Studies
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Project: Spaces of Transformation and Transformations of Space: Places of Insurgency in Tehran, 1906-1953

Alexandra Roginski
PhD Candidate, Anthropology
Australian National University
Project: A Touch of Power: Encounters in Australian Popular Phrenology

Diana Rose
PhD Candidate, Visual Studies
University of California, Santa Cruz
Project: Living Time, Performing Memory: Maya Ceremonies of Foundation and Renewal

Martin Thomas
Associate Professor, History
Australian National University
Research: Professor Thomas is the author of The Many Worlds of R.H.Mathews: In search of an Australian Anthropologist(Allen & Unwin, 2001), The Artificial Horizon: Imagining the Blue Mountains (Melbourne University Press, 2003) and A Multicultural Landscape: National Parks & the Macedonian Experience (Pluto Press and NSW, 2001). His research is in the field of Australian and transnational cultural history, as revealed through perceptions of place, representations of landscape and narratives of cross-cultural encounter.

Snežana Vuletić
PhD Candidate, Cultural Studies
University of Giessen, Germany
Project: From Disrupted Indigeneity to Diasporic Entanglements: Cultural Dynamics of the Narratives of Igbo Identity in the Novels of Chinua Achebe, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and Chris Abani