Graduate Student Researchers
Featured on International Focus on Channel 36, WMTV in Milwaukee
May 18, 2016

Students from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Giessen University, University of California - Santa Cruz and the Australian National University discuss their research projects as part of the Integrative Graduate Humanities Research Education and Training (IGHERT) partnership funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

International Focus is Wisconsin's only regular program devoted to global issues and U.S. foreign policy. Hosted by Doug Savage of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Institute of World Affairs.



Tara McPherson:
"Designing Digital Scholarship: Art, Feminism + the Digital Humanities"
Tuesday, May 3, UC Santa Cruz

The story of the digital humanities is often narrated at a decades-long history of the computational manipulation of print. What alternative histories are concealed by such a story? How might we imagine DH differently if we move beyond a focus on text toward multimodal expression and design? What audiences might such work reach? This talk will trace some of the alternate histories of DH, paying particular attention to the visual and the political by engaging the work of feminists, artists, and scholars of color.

McPherson will also consider how scholarly evidence might be engaged anew through the aesthetic possibilities of the digital archive. By taking up the work of the Vectors Lab, she will approach these questions through concrete examples of digital scholarship today.

Video coming soon.



Michael Ashley:
“Differential Access for the Ethical Stewardship of Cultural and Digital Heritage”
Recorded on November 12, 2015 at UC Santa Cruz



James Clifford Interview about Indigeneity
by Nathaniel Deutsch

Recorded on September 12, 2014 at UC Santa Cruz